Buildings, Walkers, Layers, Items, Services, Risks, …

The setup required to start even a simple grid based city builder can be quite daunting.
Classic City Builder Kit provides a solid foundation so you can focus on what makes your game special.

Made with various levels of experience in mind, from the beginner looking for a starting point to the experienced developer who just wants to save some time.

Originally created with the classic evolve housing, build monuments type game in mind, CCBK is flexible enough to support a wide variety of grid based building games.


  • Core Framework
  • Demos
    • 3D City Builder
    • 2D Tower Defense
    • 2D City Sim
  • How Tos
    • Create a simple historically inspired 2D City Builder from scratch following a step by step guide
    • Build your own custom systems on top of CCBK

Feature Highlights

  • Beginner friendly Editor based Workflow
  • Setup Wizard that gets you from zero to placing buildings and roads in seconds
  • Consistent Saving Mechanism using JSON
  • Modular Buildings consisting of persistent components and temporary addons
  • Flexible Walkers with configurable pathfinding modes
  • Extendable through a simple, minimal dependency container

…and many more, please check out the manual!