A basic city builder created in full 3D.
Building Models made by Ben Wilkinson as part of CCBK

A windows version is available for download on the itch page.

Buildings are rotated using the R key. The camera is rotated using Q and E, use mouse wheel to zoom and hold shift to pitch.

Migration is always balanced with employment so people will only come to your city if there are enough jobs. Stages can only be placed on grey Streets that have been improved by increasing desirability.

For an in depth breakdown of all the components please see the Manual



Start off by creating a simple housing block. A small road loop with about 8 houses and the basic amenities:

  • well for water
  • workshop to keep buildings from collapsing
  • doctor to prevent disease

Also build some gardens to raise the desirability of the area. This should be enough to evolve housing from tents to huts.

Now we need to provide some food. To do this we will need the following.

  • farms to grow potatoes
  • silo to store them
  • market for distribution

The farms have to be created on the fertile ground of the forest. Create a side road there and put a blocker on it so the walkers servicing the houses don’t wander off. The market has to be built close to the housing so the roaming seller can reach the houses. The silo should probably be built somewhere in between.
If not enough people move into the housing you should build more farms. People will only immigrate if they have jobs in your city.

Settlement Mission Won


Start this mission with the same basic setup as the previous one.
You will need to evolve housing to its highest level to generate taxes.
To evolve houses into palaces you need the following.

  • second source of food
    build some hunters in addition to the farms
  • entertainment
    build an entertainer camp to train entertainers. Make sure you place a firefighter close to it because entertainers in training tend to set things on fire.
    For the entertainers to actually perform build some stages close to the housing area. Stages need to be placed on road corners.

As soon as your housing is evolved into palaces you can build a tax collector and watch the money roll in.

Comfort Mission Won


All that matters in this mission is building the obelisk. This means you can keep housing at a pretty basic comfort level, like a monster. You just have to make sure you have enough housing for the employees needed to support the building effort.

To build the obelisk you need.

  • the obelisk building site(obviously)
  • labour camp for basic workers
    these flatten the ground an haul granite to the site
    to function a labour camp needs tools
    • an iron mine mines iron ore
    • a smith creates tools from it
      smiths are a fire hazard so build a firefighter close to it
  • mason camp
    masons work the granite at the building site
  • granite mine

Monument Mission Won