This is the manual for Classic City Builder Kit by SoftLeitner. Classic City Builder Kit is quite the mouthful so i will be referring to it using the shorthand CCBK.

Oldschool walker based City Builders are very systems heavy games that require lots of tweaking and balancing to get right. CCBK was created with the aim of providing all the common tropes of the genre and making them easily accessible in the Editor.

The kit was created with the classic evolve housing, build monuments type of game in mind and most of the systems are commonly seen in that genre. That being said large parts like Buildings, Items, Walkers and Layers are general enough to create a wide variety of games.

Project Structure

CCBK is separated into multiple assemblies. Which ones you need depends on how you are planning to use the Kit. For your first exploration create a new project and remove the example assets and materials, then import the entire asset. Importing project settings is optional except for TagManager if you want to run the demos.

  • CityBuilderCore
    The Core Framework of CCBK.
    Always import this one.

  • CityBuilderCore.Tests
    Tests some core functionality of CityBuilderCore.
    Only import this if you plan to change CityBuilderCore and want to check if the basic systems still function.

  • CityBuilderThree
    Contains the 3D City Builder demo
    Import if you want to start by adapting this demo.
    For the menu to work add the Menu, StageOne, StageTwo, StageThree scenes in Build Settings.

  • CityBuilderDefense
    Contains the 2D Tower Defense demo
    Import if you want to start by adapting this demo.

  • CityBuilderManual
    Holds completed samples of the HowTo section of this manual.
    Import if you’re stuck on a how to or exploring.

Both demos depend on either layers, tags or sorting layers. If these settings were not set during import please copy the contents of TagManager.txt from the demo folder to the TagManager.asset in you ProjectSettings.



After familiarizing yourself with CCBK you should be ready to start your project. I’ll outline three basic levels of usage for CCBK here. The first two don’t require any coding, implementing custom systems assumes basic knowledge of C#.

  • Adapting one of the Demos
    Is one of the demos close enough to what you are trying to achieve? Great!
    Import it along with CityBuilderCore and the Settings and start tweaking. The content of the demos is explained in detail in the 3D City Builder and 2D Tower Defense manual pages.

  • Starting from Scratch using Core Logic
    If none of the demos gets close enough to what you want to make or you want to make sure you understand every piece of your project starting from scratch is the way to go. Continue Here for a step to step guide to creating a city builder purely in Unity Editor.

  • Implementing Custom Logic
    Need some special sauce in your game and know basic C#. Continue Here for a step to step guide to extending CCBK with your own components and systems.


The quickest channels to reach me are mail and discord. Please feel free to reach out with any problems and questions. Feedback regarding the general direction of CCBK and particular future features are also always welcome. Though I might not immediately be able to incorporate your requests I very much take them into consideration when planning out future updates.

If you can spare the time please consider leaving a review in the asset store.