A basic colony sim created in full 3D, inspired by games like banished.

A windows version is available for download on the itch page.

For an in depth breakdown please see the Manual

Buildings are rotated using the R key. The camera is rotated using Q and E, use mouse wheel to zoom and hold shift to pitch.

Here is a quick step by step guide for the game:

  • Place the initial Barn and Walkers
  • Stockpile Build a new Stockpile so building materials can be stored
  • Harvest Harvest some Stones and Logs by dragging over Trees and Rocks
  • House Place a house on the map, walkers will start clearing the ground and delivering materials
  • Builder Increase the Builder quantity to one so a walker actually builds the house
  • Woodcutter A woodcutter can turn Logs into Firewood that keeps walkers from freezing
  • Woodcutter Assign woodcutters that will work at the building
  • Build one or two additional houses, if food from the initial barn runs out harvest some berries
  • Field A properly worked field will yield a large amount of potatoes once a year
  • Farmer Assign farmers to work the fields
  • Field Saw A forester can automatically harvest and replant trees
  • Field Basket A gatherer can automatically harvest berries without destroying the bush
  • Market A market automatically distributes wood and food which decreases downtime from other walkers that have to get materials from the next barn. It needs a road Road going from the market to the houses which will be followed by the Peddler peddlers.