Open TownTitle to try the game out the same way a player would(TownTitle and TownHills have to be added to Build). To quickly jump in you can use TownDebug or TownDebugFilled which has a bit more stuff set up. The debug scenes also have a debug tool bar above the normal one that lets you build and demolish things instantly.

If you are interested in some of the individual systems of the town demo you can also check out the CityBuilderTown.Tests project which contains various test scenes. Some of them can also be quickly run through with the test runner to confirm that the systems still work after modifications.


  • House lets occupants eat and warm up and produces new walkers
  • Barn stored food
  • Gatherer creates tasks for gathering berries
  • Farm creates tasks for working fields
  • Forester creates tasks for planting and cutting down trees
  • Woodcutter creates tasks for turning logs into wood needed to warm up
  • Market distributes wood and food to houses that are connected via roads


  • Harvest creates harvest tasks for trees, rocks and berries
  • Demolish removes tasks, creates demolish tasks for buildings


Jobs can be assigned to walkers from the UI on the bottom left. Tasks without a job, like clearing the ground or picking up items, can be done by any walker. Those with an assigned job will look for tasks that correlate to their job first though.

  • Builder builds buildings when the ground has been cleared and needed logs and rocks have been delivered
  • Gatherer gathers berries
  • Farmer works farm fields
  • Forester cuts and plants trees
  • Woodcutter turns logs into wood
  • Peddler delivers items to the market and distributes them along roads


The Task system is the central defining feature of the Town demo. There is only one walker type which has a couple built in processes like getting food or idling. Every other action the walkers take is wrapped in a task that is located on a gameobject somewhere in the world. When they are not occupied by any of their needs walkers query the TownManager for an appropriate task.

To create a new task with your own logic you can create a new script that derives from TownTask. A fairly simple task to check out before jumping into your own would be the TownItemTask. Some tasks may have state that needs to be persisted, for an example of that check out TownBuildTask.

Tasks as well as the walkers heavily rely on the new walker actions and processes. To learn more about them check out the manual section and the xml documentation in their code.

Build progresses the construction it belongs to Builder
ClearGround clears the ground before construction takes place -
Collect(Item) different items waiting to be picked up and stored -
Deliver gets walkers to supply its receiver(Construction, Production, Market) with items -
Demolish removes the building/road it is on -
Distribute makes the walker roam and distribute food and wood on roads connected to the market Peddler
Field gets tilled in spring, grows on its own in summer and harvested in autumn Farmer
GatherBerries gets berries from bushes without destroying them, empty bushes regrow Gatherer
HarvestBerries turns bush structure into berries item, periodically created by gatherer building -
HarvestRock turns rock structure into stone item -
HarvestTree turns tree structure into log item -
HarvestTreeF turns tree structure into log item, periodically created by forester building Forester
Path adds point it is located on to roads -
PlantTree adds small tree that grows into full tree over time Forester
Work building efficiency and therefore production rate depends on walkers performing this task Woodcutter/…


  • Stone for building
  • Log for building and producing wood
  • Wood for warming up in houses, limited in the UI bottom right to make sure there are logs left for construction
  • Potato for eating in houses
  • Berry for eating in houses